The Knights Among Us

Knights and princesses, dragons and castles. These are just a few things that make up stories of wonder and magic. Some say they don’t really exist, but they are wrong. For in fact, there are knights all over this land. Knights and others who battle for the weaker peasants like us are spread out far and wide throughout the land.

But did you know that there are knights within our very own kingdom? I visit them often because they aren’t far from me at all. Their long and narrow corridor serves as a place of safety for many. Students from near and far seek the guidance they provide.

I am among those few who go and sit awhile, allowing their wisdom and intelligence to wash over me. They are humble knights—rarely do they admit they have greatness. These knights have studied long and hard in order to be accepted into this knighthood, and now they are here to simply share their knowledge with those before them.

Several times, one of the knights in particular helped me endure difficult times in my life. This knight was a woman, a woman whose strength was far greater than several of the men around her. She invited me in to sit and talk with her in her chamber. She often shut the door when private talks were soon to occur. It was as if she knew that others might listen in. Whenever I was stressed or upset with something, she had a way that made things seems as if my problems weren’t worth the time I was giving them.

Often she took the role of many different people in my life. In our time together, she played the part of a role model, a mother, and a friend.

Another knight, this one a man, guided me in my education. He helped me decide what path to take and advised me in my studies. He became one I looked up to, probably more so than he is aware. His knowledge was so great that it was all I could do to soak up everything he said.

I miss their presence. Whenever I pass their rooms, I fondly remember the tears and laughs that were shared by many in their chambers.

You see, all knights have enemies. Sometimes when knights go to battle, they lose their fight. It’s not often, but it does happen. And these knights I speak of are sadly gone.

Dragons, giants, and other monsters roam about the campus searching for opportunities to consume these knights, and others like them. Their craving for blood is so strong that they destroy anything that crosses their path. Before my knights were lost, I hadn’t heard of a beast so bloodthirsty that he would harm even the goodliest of knights.

The two knights I mentioned are gone because of monsters such as these. The woman was devoured. A sorrowful and gruesome death she endured. The man was not captured by the beasts, but he was chased by them until he was forced to flee from our kingdom. I was shocked by his abrupt exit, as were other peasants.

I have heard of other knights that were devoured by these same creatures. Those who knew them say that they too were great and noble to have been taken in such a way. Those who knew them say that they were most undeserving of such a death.

The knights that remain in our kingdom are also admirable. They are as intelligent and revered as those who have left. I look to them for guidance in my life and my learning. I cherish what I have learned from these knights and what I’ll learn even still. However even these knights have to remain constantly aware of their surroundings. These knights are always watching for those garish beasts that creep nearby.

So when you come across these beasts, and you will, don’t forget those knights who did not survive. Remember them for who they were and what they taught you. Remember these knights—these Knights of Owens Hall, and all that they have sacrificed.


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